Manned guarding of facilities

Manned guarding of facilities can be recognized by our expertise and by fulfilling the specific needs and requirements of our clients, whilst following specific legal requirements. This service is usually combined with the service of fire protection.

Cash in transit (CIT)

Our Cash In Transit service (CIT) consists of the physical transfer of money from one location to another, executed by our highly trained professionals, using specially equipped vehicles.


Manned guarding of persons, better known as “a bodyguard” is performed by specially trained officers through the use of protective equipment and technical aids.

Inex Plus is a company that is specialized in providing security and integrated facility services that we carry out in cooperation with our sister company BFS Service. We are located in Belgrade in the street Humska no 3C. Our longstanding professional work has ranked us amongst top companies that provide security services within Serbian market.

Our history begins in 1989 when Inex bezbednost was founded. Back then, we already recognized the need for constant improvement, both technically and in terms of organization, in accordance with our own growth and development. Consequently, over the years, the company has gone through several restructurings, evolving into the well established organization it is today, recognized for its high quality policy and clear procedures for the provision of security services.

More detailed information about our services can be found on link Services or in direct contact with our sales department. 

Why choose us

  • Decades of experience enables us to promptly identify customer needs and respond to their demands
  • We are members of private security within the Serbian Chamber of Commerce of Serbia
  • We have a wide network in all major cities of the territory of the Republic of Serbia